About Annas Ahmad

It’s all about happy and life

Since 15 years ago Annas Ahmad was very interested in coconut after his father dr. Zainal Gani told the experience in Manado about the benefit of the coconut especially for cure his diabetes.

Most of people still confusing between coconut good or bad. With his curiosity, Annas continue to study, making a research and explore with 95.000 member of ketogenic Indonesia group in facebook to prove the benefit of coconut for diet and health.

Annas Ahmad and his father started producing coconut oil In 2004 after coming back from the workshop and get one keywords : Lauric Acid. After then more coconut supporter all around the world continue to explore the benefit of the coconut and coconut oil. Zainal Gani shocked because after 30 years exploring medicine to cure his diabetes, he found that coconut oil is the solution. Then he called his product with brand VICO BAGOES, means VICO is Virgin Coconut Oil, and BAGOES means good or excelent in bahasa Indonesia.

Annas Ahmad continue to explore the benefit of coconut deeply, continue to learn in International Coconut Oil Conference, Cocotech, and all activity held by APCC, continue to practice and study until became a speaker at the International Coconut Oil Conference in Bangkok and Kerala, India at 2017.

Annas Ahmad wrote the book Ketogenic: Revolutionary Lifestyle, as well as practicing it for myself, sharing with ninethy thousands of friends in the group, and create more movement like blog, video, live events, to help people get the benefit of coconut oil. Until finally this book was published and could be read by more people. Make the spirit of sharing and restoring human health in an easy, natural and affordable way is our shared mission.